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தமிழ் ஈழம் வரலாறு


1. Ceylon gained independence on February 04, 1948. However, it was not complete independence. In terms of the defense agreement entered into between Britain and Ceylon, Colombo, Trincomalee and Katunayake bases continued to remain under British control.

2. In 1948, the very year of independence, the Parliament dominated by the majority Sinhalese, enacted the Citizenship Act which reduced the political strength of the Tamils by one-half. Under this Act, one million Hill country Tamils, whom the British brought from South India 200 years before to work in the tea and rubber plantations, lost their citizenship rights.

3. In 1958 following the National convention of the Federal Party held in Vavuniya, violence was let lose against the Tamils. There were heavy losses of lives and property..

4. The government of Bandaranayake(leader of the Srilanka Freedom Party and Prime Minster) passively connived with the Sinhalese hoodlums responsible for the violence directed against the Tamils and imposed emergency rule only after 4 days of rioting.

5. Because of the New Republican Constitution the sovereignty of the Sinhalese and the sovereignty of the Tamils reverted back to the Sinhalese and Tamils. To safeguard the language and education rights of Tamils, to halt the encroachment of Tamils traditional homeland through Sinhalese colonization, to stay and hit back when attacked by the Sinhalese, Prabhakaran realized that taking up arms is the only way. He formed the New Tamil Tigers organization comprising brave, self-sacrificing and disciplined youths.

6. On July 27, 1975 Tamil traitor Alfred Duraiappah was shot dead. This marked the first attack in the history of the armed liberation struggle. The attack was mounted by Tamil New Tigers under the leadership of V. Prabhakaran.

7. On May 5, 1975 with the object of rallying the entire Tamil nation, the "Tamil New Tigers" were re-named "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam." V. Prabhakaran was named the Chairman and Military Commander of the LTTE.

8. On July 24, 1983 The Liberation Tigers mounted their first guerrilla style ambush using land mine against the Srilanka army. 13 soldiers died in this attack.

This was followed by the worst genocidal attack by the Sinhalese on the Tamils. Thousands of lives and property worth many millions were lost. Tamils girls were subjected to sexual violence.

Sriliankan Tamil Famous Peoples:

1. Chandrababu - Renowned actor, comedian & singer.
2. Balu Mahendra – Prominent Kollywood film director.
3. MGR- Actor and Later Cheif minister of TN, Kandy.
4. Muthiah Muralitharan - Sri Lankan cricketer. Leading Test wicket taker in the world
5. Angelo Mathews - Sri Lankan cricketer and the current vice captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team
6. Russel Arnold- Former Sri Lankan test cricketer and international commentator

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