Sunday, January 27, 2013

அறிவியலுக்கு ஒரு மிதிவண்டி எப்படி ஓடுகிறது என்று தெரியாது

       Bicycle is the most simple Machine on Earth with a few moving parts. When you Pedal your Cycle or Accelerate your Bike, you move forward because of the rotation of the wheels. This is known to all of us. But, have you ever wondered how 100’s of kg of weight is taken up by WHEELS of just 2 inch wide and 3 – 4 inches wide in Bikes?? That’s the trick here. This small wheel ( in terms of thickness) takes up the whole weight and also remains stable without falling down.

           What makes me to think much is the so called BALANCING while riding a Cycle. When your Cycle or Bicycle is Stationary, you balance it will your legs or use the STANDS to balance it. But, who balances it when it is in motion?? How does the Bicycle moves with just a small part of it touching the Earth
            As we know, BICYCLES are superior to LEGS (Walking) only because of WHEELS. Wheels have very less friction because only a small area of them touches the ground. So far so good, but what is confusing SCIENTISTS for years is “Why doesn’t a Bicycle fall down, with lots of weight acting directly upon its THIN WHEELS?”
             For years, it was thought that GYROSCOPIC effect was responsible for holding the cycle in upright position while in motion. Here is a small explanation of what a Gyroscopic Effect is. “Any rotating body will tend to remain in the same position”. Do you remember the TOP you played with in your childhood? It balances on a Tip when spinning but falls down when it stops rotating. Scientists thought this was the key for Bike’s stability too (Think of the wheel in place of TOP).
             In the 1970’s a Scientist disproved this theory and came up with a new answer The CASTER Effect”, which deals with the angle of the front wheel away from the frame. A RESEARCH was conducted by Scientists at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands on April 2011. In fact, this research didn’t find the correct answer for this question but Disproved that CASTER effect has nothing to do with Bike’s Stability.
This is the machine built to disprove the old theories. It has no GYROSCOPIC effect and no CASTER effect but still remains stable. Now, we are back to square one. This question has become the most HUMILIATING question to Science.

You would have never imagined such a MYSTERY behind your Bike. Next time you see a guy riding without holding the Handle bar, don’t get amazed. The bike will keep moving even if he jumps out of the bike as long it is accelerated constantly.

One thing to be sure is it is 100% Safe. So, enjoy riding and don’t think much about this while riding.  Thank you

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